About Michelle

Michelle Scully is a double and electric bassist, composer and music educator. She grew up on a farm in Barnawartha, studied music performance at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, and now lives in Geelong with her family.

Michelle has over 25 years of experience as a professional musician, composer, and educator. Career highlights include being selected when she was a teenager to perform at the St Helen’s Jazz Festival in Tasmania alongside four other guest artists from Mainland Australia, performing with Hugh Jackman in 2004, winning the 2009 Melbourne Fringe Festival ‘Best Music Performance’ award for her audio-visual compositions, and being invited by the Head of Music Education, A/Prof Neryl Jeanneret, at Melbourne University to provide professional development to pre-service teachers as an Artist In Residence at the UNESCO Observatory for Arts Education in 2019.

Michelle has performed and recorded studio albums with hundreds of artists around Australia in jazz, folk, rock, and classical ensembles. She teaches double bass, electric bass, piano, guitar, and ukulele. Michelle studied Advanced Electronic Music Production at the Berklee College of Music (Online): she enjoys creating electro-acoustic music in her studio and working as a music technology consultant in schools.

Michelle composes music to children’s books. She is thrilled to be collaborating with Alison Lester (AM) and her first release of music to Alison’s books, The Alison Lester Album: Volume One, was released in 2019 which comprises seven of Alison’s books which Michelle adapted into song and recorded with professional musicians. Michelle is working on future releases to Alison’s books, and is enjoying collaborating with the Geelong Youth Choir and several schools in remote areas of Northern Territory to involve school-aged children in future music releases.

Her key focus is to create music that not only allows the listener to develop a deeper connection to the original picture book (e.g. by creating music that seeks to complement the visual and verbal elements in the original book), but also create music that will be developmentally-appropriate for kindergarten and primary school children so that they can be active participants with the music (e.g. by adapting the narrative into song children can learn to sing the words of picture books). Michelle also enjoys collaborating with schools to help children write their own music.



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