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Michelle Scully - Contact: About Michelle

I'm a double bassist, composer, and photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Since the mid-90's I've enjoyed performing around Australia in various bands covering jazz, blues, folk, gypsy, rock, and country styles.

In 2005 I completed a music degree at the Victorian College of the Arts. Since then I've focussed on composing music for the images I take on my camera and performing them under the name of Aurland. In 2009 Aurland performed an audio-visual show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Highlights from the show can be viewed on the 'aurland' link. Compositions can be heard on the 'sounds' link and a selection of photographs can be viewed on the 'images' link.

If you're into linking sounds and images, or just have a comment on this project please leave a comment or drop me a line!