Michelle Scully - Scully's Singing Stories

Scully's Singing Stories

I am creating music audiobooks to provide young Australians with new ways to engage with children's picture books.

These music audiobooks are relevant for children of all ages:

  • For babies and toddlers the music audiobooks provide a great introduction to reading and listening to music. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of these activities early on in a child's life. Parents love that the music audiobooks are a screen-free educational resource, and a great listening activity in the car.
  • For preschoolers and primary school students the music audiobooks help language development, especially when the music audiobook is performed using the backing tracks available with the CD. For example The Very Noisy Baby music audiobook has over 800 words to sing!
  • For upper primary and secondary students the music audiobooks can be performed in music ensembles. For example a rock band ensemble can perform The Very Noisy Baby. The sheet music is available by contacting me.