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The Very Noisy Baby Music Audiobook

The Very Noisy Baby Music Audiobook

The Very Noisy Baby music audiobook is a fun musical adventure sung by Georgia Brooks with a professional band. Almost every word in the original book written by Alison Lester has been adapted into song which means that there are 800 words that children can sing.

View the video for a sneak preview!!


The Very Noisy Baby Preview Video from Michelle Scully on Vimeo.


Based on several successful performances of The Very Noisy Baby in 2018 I envisage that children and their parents will enjoy singing along to the book at home or in the car, and that entire classrooms of children around Australia will love singing along to the book especially in school concerts. To enable school performances for a limited time the professionally recorded backing track will be available free of charge.


The music audiobook was recorded at Newmarket Studios in North Melbourne by studio engineer Guus Hoevenaars in December 2018. The recording features amazing musicians who have played all around the world. They are:


Vocals - Georgia Brooks

Guitar - Michelle Nelson

Piano - Louise Goh

Drums - Sean Loughran

Double bass - Michelle Scully